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Go West develops software solutions for every aspect of industrial, consumer, and autonomous robotic systems.

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Developing software for robots across a wide array of industries, including industrial automation, manufacturing, retail and consumer robotics.

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Continuous test automation and a commitment to quality keeps products robust. Seamlessly move from development to manufacturing with the right infrastructure, team & technology.



From drivers to AI, from embedded to cloud. Between IoT connectivity, cloud, sensor filtering, (v)slam, kinematics, motor control, we've had a hand in every part of robotic systems. We are well prepared for even the most disruptive robotic applications.


Our leadership team brings a unique combination of robotics, design and client services to the company.

Gerry Ens
Gerard Ens
Founder & CTO


Alex Irwin
Alex Irwin


Our Story

The name "Go West" derives from the aspiration to explore possibilities, to embrace the unknown and to engage fully with your pursuits.

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Go West Robotics was founded in 2013 by Gerry Ens and Tuong Anh Ens. Originally residing in Boston, the founders relocated to Boise, Idaho where they developed a deep appreciation for the city's natural beauty, friendly culture and supportive entrepreneurial community. The name "Go West" derives from the aspiration to explore possibilities, to embrace the unknown and to engage fully with your pursuits.

After working on PLEO and Baxter, Gerry recognized the difficulty companies face when developing, scaling and maintaining production-ready robots. Since then, Go West has steadily expanded, cultivating a talented team of engineers, designers and project managers to meet the software needs of robotics companies. With a focus on implementing Industry 4.0 technology, the team is passionate about delivering quality solutions and world-class client experiences.


Our office is located in downtown Boise, Idaho.

It's conveniently situated near restaurants, shopping, Boise State University and hiking and biking trails.

350 N 9th Street
Boise, ID 83702

Jefferson Place


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Go West Robotics, Inc.
350 N 9th St, Ste B80
Boise, ID 83702

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