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Custom Branded SCADA (HMI & OEE)

Tuong Anh Ens, Go West RoboticsTuong Anh Ens

Go West Robotics designed and implemented a lightweight, cloud-based OEE application using an edge device.


A leading robotics integrator wanted to offer their client a custom branded OEE application using industry 4.0 technology. Go West Robotics designed and implemented a lightweight, cloud-based OEE solution using an edge device. We worked with the robotics integrator and end users to gather relevant data for metrics to be displayed in an easy to understand format. This allowed the manufacturer to have a clear understanding of the production process at all times and set the ground floor for AI and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Our software on various devices

Cloud Integration with Robot Data

Go West asks critical questions about security, understanding that every manufacturer is different when it comes to relying on the cloud for data capture. We ensured that the cloud based solution was the right fit and checked all the boxes when it came to security, cost and ease of use.

Edge Device

Go West provided a custom programmed edge device that allowed for maximum reliability while keeping costs affordable.

Robot Data, Analysis and Visualization

Go West worked with end users to understand the manufacturing process, gather relevant data and present the data in an easy-to-understand format. The data is then actionable for engineers as well as business stakeholders. CEOs, CTOs and business analysts now have accurate data for making business decisions with confidence.

UI Design Approach

Go West takes a user centered design approach, keeping interfaces simple and consistent. Usability is tested rigorously and the use of common UI elements, purposeful layout, color and typography combine to create a look and feel that is unique for each client.


Our client was able to give their customer a powerful industry 4.0 solution that was not disruptive. The custom branded OEE application provided the robotics integrator with software and design assets that could be used for future installations.This translates to a competitive advantage that maintains the integrator’s brand as a leader in their industry.

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