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Managing Complexity in Automation with Custom Robotics Software Design

Tuong Anh Ens, Go West RoboticsTuong Anh Ens

The House of Design collaborates with Go West Robotics to provide world-class software development to manufacturers


A leading robotics integrator in industrial automation needed qualified robotics professionals to help strengthen their in-house software development team and manage the complexity of a 62 robot manufacturing facility. Our engineers architected and developed software for supervisory systems, production control and production scheduling, including PLC integration and peripheral communication.


Our approach extends the current capabilities of robotics integrators. The successful communication between robots, peripherals and software systems can make or break a project. Mistakes and project delays easily cost millions when care is not given to project planning and systems architecture design. As experts in robotics and robotic systems communication, Go West uses knowledge from multiple industries to provide creative, elegant solutions to manage complexity. We understand what is possible and practical in every aspect of robot communication across multiple industries and use this experience to give our clients a competitive advantage.

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Managing Complexity - Complex communication between robots, peripherals and software systems makes it difficult to deliver automated solutions. Go West manages complexity by applying deep robotics experience across multiple industries to architect and execute simpler, elegant solutions.


Our client accomplished their integration goals with more clarity and ease. With our robotics knowledge, Go West hit the ground running with solutions that saved time and reduced complexity. Our client’s in-house development team learned new ways of approaching robot communication and now has reusable software components for multiple installations.

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