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Parallel Testing Speeds Continuous Integration, Continuous Development

Tuong Anh Ens, Go West RoboticsTuong Anh Ens

Go West Robotics used parallel testing to speed up development, improve quality and increase developer morale


Bossa Nova Robotics (BNR) develops retail robots for grocery stores like Walmart and Albertsons. Like all robotics companies, they face pressure to add robot features and to scale their fleet while maintaining high standards of quality. To meet critical deadlines, BNR hired Go West Robotics to assess their test infrastructure and develop solutions to accelerate the release of new features and improve quality. Go West Robotics examined BNRs pain points, with a focus on relieving bottlenecks. We proposed and implemented parallel testing, resulting in outstanding gains in quality and efficiency.

Before and after testing optimization.
Testing optimization reduces build times and allows for better test coverage and increase code reliability.

Focus on Quality

Shorter build times allow BNR to run their test suite for every change, validating all changes before they affect other developers, the test department or production releases. At the same time, developers can quickly move through new features and bug fixes without the disruption of long builds and validation. This increased developer productivity has a significant and direct effect on the bottom line.

Prioritizing the right project at the right time

With our deep industry experience, we understood BNR’s systems quickly. Grasping the framework and cadence of their workflow led us to identify the right project at the right time. This empowered BNR management to focus resources on their critical path.

Better build times means happier developers


Robotics companies face pressure to add features to their robots and scale while maintaining high standards of quality. Go West Robotics propelled BNR’s engineering workflow, trimmed costs and made developers happy. This empowered managers to meet critical deadlines and to let their team focus on their most important work.

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