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The role of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) is changing from basic data gathering, to smart, edge-located data analyzer and ML processor. The vast amount of data taken from PLCs, specialized controllers and data collection systems needs to be analyzed and optimized for prediction models. These interfaces not only provide insight into manufacturing operations, but provide an opportunity for robotics integrators to grow their brand and level up their software and service offerings.

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As HMIs change, opportunities to strengthen your brand arise

Updated HMIs can increase your brand recognition within the robotics industry. Creating a user-focused design allows integrators to improve the user experience, increasing customer satisfaction. Since HMIs are consistently used on a day-to-day basis, a well-branded HMI is a daily reminder for your clients; a way to help foster long-lasting business relationships.

A branded HMI can increase ROI

Developing a branded HMI allows your business to reuse components for every new customer installation. Simply stated, a one time investment can increase ROI with each and every client delivery. A next level HMI allows you to sell data storage, software licensing and maintenance instead of selling proprietary third-party products and services.

Gain insights into customer needs and increase customer satisfaction

Obtaining performance data allows for better insight into customer needs such as project processing capacity, ongoing maintenance issues from alert patterns, diminishing product quality, wear-and-tear on critical equipment and other constraints that can allow for new sales and service opportunities.

Grow your team and technology

A custom branded HMI allows your in-house team to build further on their skills and competencies to support the development and delivery of future products and services to your clients. Once you have established the technical specifications for the look and feel of your brand, you can take that further with different in-house projects. You’ll no longer need to outsource as many projects.

Simply stated, a one time investment can increase ROI with each and every client delivery

Go West Robotics helps integrators and manufacturers take advantage of Industry 4.0 technology, one step at a time.

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