Acquisition, visualization, analysis - in the cloud.

ava screens

A flexible and affordable Industry 4.0 solution

ava screens

AVA captures realtime data across all proprietary software formats from legacy systems and new systems. This allows for dynamic decision making, predictive maintenance and actionable performance improvements.

AVA connects proprietary software formats with one robust and flexible software architecture.

This Industry 4.0 solution provides reliable movement of data across all aspects of the smart factory.

ava network diagram

Product Features


Affordable to maintain - licenses and support fees that won’t break the bank


Install and add functionality without shutting down systems


Build a SCADA system that allows you to scale

market demands

Manufacturers can customize quickly, responding to market demands dynamically

factory downtime

Minimize factory unplanned downtime


Continuous improvement in machine performance and production quality

Software Specs

Go West Robotics uses the MQTT platform to deliver reliable messaging across connected IIoT devices

MQTT uses secure, industry standard IoT data transfer standards

MQTT allows for authentication and specific user authorization


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