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Tackle the most demanding projects with an experienced team of robotics software professionals.

Proven Experience

We are experts at writing the software to help integrator teams orchestrate all of the moving parts in a modern factory- from PLCs and motors to coordinating dozens of robots.

A winning industry 4.0 solution infuses your enterprise with maximum growth potential.

The right technology stack can tap into existing open source frameworks, create re-usable assets with custom code libraries and control network communication with ease. This allows integrators to leverage best practices from other industries, powerfully setting the ground floor for AI and ML.

Custom Software Development

First and foremost, we are robotics software experts.

We craft quality, reusable components for the highest ROI.

We provide a software skills boost for integrators by bringing our strengths in designing systems architecture and robot communication systems- including supervisory systems, production control and scheduling, PLC integration and peripheral communication- to your team.

We integrate seamlessly with your robotic software engineering teams to help you deliver complex projects on time and on budget.

AI, ML & Deep Neural Networks

Our team designed the AI for the first-ever cobot. Since then, we've focused our efforts on ensuring that the industrial automation products that we create maximize ROI and operational efficiency.

As experts in AI, ML and DNN, working with Go West Robotics opens up new possibilities in industrial automation.

Custom algorithms can make robots work smarter and faster, help increase production capacity and improve plant efficiency.

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Supported Technologies

Our Go West team members have decades of experience with foundational robotics technology, and they are also familiar with the latest cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • SCADA Programming
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Supervisory Systems
  • Proof of Concept/Feasibility Studies
  • Robot Agnostic (ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kuka, Kawasaki, Universal and more)
  • Communication Infrastructure

Case Studies

We've worked with industrial automators and integrators to help their software development teams create extraordinary products, including cloud-based real-time OEE, complex control systems for dozens of robots, and to develop next-generation machine-tending systems.


Ready to take your robotics projects to the next level?

Selected Projects

ABB Robot Arm

ABB Robotics

The House of Design is a leading ABB Robotics Integrator specializing in pick and place automation systems. Go West provided engineering consulting services including a cloud-based OEE solution, custom application design and algorithm development.

The Baxter Co-Bot


Baxter is the first autonomous industrial robot (co-bot) built by Rethink Robotics, a company founded by Rodney Brooks. Gerard Ens, Founder and CTO of Go West Robotics, developed the behavior based AI for Baxter. He architected a novel robot control system for intelligent and intuitive task learning for which he holds 3 patents. Gerard developed the Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide low-latency, high frequency (1 KHz) motion control using ROS.

Cloud OEE

Cloud-Based OEE

When it comes to SCADA, HMI and OEE, new technology makes it more accessible and cost efficient to build custom solutions. Go West Robotics designed and developed an easily integrated, cloud-based solution with an edge device .

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