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We help robotics start-ups with cutting-edge robotics software development, engineering, and business advisory services.

Design for Scale

Moving a robotics product from prototype to manufacturing is no easy task.

You can draw upon our decades of robotics experience, steeped in both legacy and leading edge technology.

We make your business case our priority by ensuring our designs and reommendations take into consideration the trade off between time, money, and cost.

Holistic Advice

Our multi-disciplinary team is more than just electrical, mechanical and software engineers - we also have experts in business, finance, and operations.

Our team will act like force-multipliers to help you accomplish everything needed to seamlessly move from a small team with a protoype to a well-funded company with a production-ready robot.

Focus on Quality

Go West Robotics has built a reputation for software solutions that can stand the test of time.

We are fanatically devoted to building products without defects. Focusing on quality in robotics is where we can make a meaningful difference.

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Supported Technologies

Our Go West team members have decades of experience with foundational robotics technology, and they are also familiar with the latest cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • Perception/Vision
  • ROS
  • Automated Test Tools
  • Manufacturing Tests
  • Simulation
  • Algorithm Development
  • Navigation Systems
  • IoT Connectivity
  • Embedded Systems
  • CloudSensor Filtering
  • Kinematics
  • Motor Control
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Motion Planning
  • SLAM

Case Studies

We've helped all kinds of robotics companies to develop AMRs, implement navigation and localization solutions, and optimize their back-end systems to ensure they have stable products.


Ready to take your robotics projects to the next level?

Selected Projects

The Bossa Nova 2020 Robot

Bossa Nova 2020

Bossa Nova Robotics is the leading provider of real-time, on-shelf product data for the global retail industry. Go West Robotics developed simulation and test automation tools to prevent regression and increase the speed of development.

The Botvac Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


The BotVac is a top selling robotic vacuum cleaner designed and manufactured by Neato Robotics. Go West Robotics developed simulation and embedded applications for new and legacy vacuum robots. We developed factory tests to measure robot vacuum motion and cleaning ability and also programmed custom encryption algorithms to securely store and upload log information from the robot. We developed an application to verify IOT connectivity. In addition we designed, programmed and deployed custom test automation tools.

The Pleo Animatronic Toy


Pleo is an animatronic baby dinosaur designed to evolve based on its environment and interactions. Gerard Ens, Founder & CTO of Go West Robotics, developed Pleo’s original algorithms for AI. This includes vision, sound direction, IR communications and high speed video processing for object detection and tracking.

Pleo features a camera-based vision system, two microphones, binaural hearing, beat detection allowing Pleo to dance and listen to music. The robot has 12 touch sensors, 4 ground foot sensors for surface detection, 14 force-feedback sensors, an orientation tilt sensor for body position, infrared mouth sensor for object detection into mouth and two-way infrared communication with other Pleos as well as infrared detection for external objects.

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